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    I still remember sitting at the Kawaguchiko Cafe under Mount Fuji in 2019, looking at the scenery of the lake and mountains but couldn’t help feeling that the Japanese people and Mount Fuji have established an inseparable spiritual bond Connection, Mount Fuji is not only a mountain for the Japanese, but also a cultural symbol, a spiritual field, and a source of artistic inspiration.

    Travelers and climbers from all over the world come thousands of miles to see this amazing mountain. On the other hand, even though Taiwan has 268 mountains over 3,000 meters high, due to the development of economy and technology, most people in the new generation ignore these precious Taiwan resources.


    It happened that after returning to Taiwan, the global epidemic raged and disrupted the world order shaped by globalization in the past. Forced to maintain social distance or adopt quarantine policies. When our daily habitual life is restricted and we lose the rights or conveniences that we take for granted, we will only find out how beautiful the environment we live in is when we look back at our surroundings. "Only when you get out of the city will you remember the reason why you came here in the first place." This gave me the idea to start Jieqiu. To be precise, it was the epidemic that gave me greater motivation to practice this matter.

    Coffee is to me what tea is to the British. "You can have a microwave oven at home, but you can't have a coffee machine." Because I love coffee, I put my heart in promoting Taiwan's mountains here. People who know how to drink coffee usually know how to live, and they are willing to spend more time in small places. , to live for oneself, and even to add pure beauty to the whole environment.

    I believe that one day the whole world will see Taiwan, as no matter where we live in Taiwan, we can see the mountains.

Image by Fernando Hernandez



M5 COFFEE Jieqiu Coffee

M5 = Mountain 5​

​Jieqiu= Dashan

"Historical Records. Volume 117. Biography of Sima Xiangru: "It's not the same to ascend Jieqiu!"



Taiwan is rich in alpine resources,
The five major mountain ranges run through the whole island, and the unique geographical environment
Mountains stand layer upon layer on this 36,000-square-kilometer island.

Expect to outline the outline of the mountains through the coffee aroma of Jieqiu
awaken our memory of this land

In the simplest instinct of inhaling and exhaling
See the purest scenery

Get back the natural features in the city and make coffee a daily routine
Enhance the connection between Taiwanese and this land, enhance self-identity
Let the time of a cup of coffee add a taste of self-charm


brand values
Brand Values

Sustainable development

​ friendly and friendly

​ sincere and simple

keep pace with the times

Deep cultivation in the ground

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